Obliterate the Competition!

All our heavy tune development is performed on our engine dyno rather than a wheel dyno. We do this for two reasons; First, an engine dyno removes the CVT drive system from the tuning equation. The CVT will always try to keep the engine REVs at within a narrow RPM range during a power sweep whereas our engine dyno can sweep the entire operating range of the engine. Secondly, the engine dyno can hold RPM's at very specific values which allows us to tune those areas, throttle openings and load levels without the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) varying the load and RPM. 

Tuning the engine outside of the CVT allows us to deliver a more refined tune and eliminates all of the variables (tire size, clutching, strap tension, etc) which result in the incredible spectrum of dyno figures published for this vehicle. For example, the stated dyno numbers for a bone stock 2020 X3 RR among our shop and others varied by over 20 WHP! All vehicles were tested on the same manufacturer dyno. This is ridiculous!

The factory rates the power of their engines at the crank and we do too. You can see from our dyno graphs that the power curves are extremely flat - in fact our tunes make within 6 horsepower of peak power over a 1200 rpm range! This means that even if your clutching is 500 or more RPMs off, your X3 will be sacrificing only a few ponies!

Tune Features:

    • Revised intercooler fan settings - Makes the OEM intercooler far more effective!
    • Left foot braking enabled for 2 foot operation
    • Improved boost response / low to midrange power improvements
    • Speed limits raised / TQ limits removed in Low & High Gear
    • Low & High Gear rev limit increased from 8300 to 9000 RPMS
    • Speed limiter raised
    • Improved throttle response in all modes (E-Gas Settings Improved) - Linear throttle rather than the lazy pedal the factory has programmed
    • Radiator cooling fan triggered sooner to keep coolant temperature in check on hot days and long pulls
    • Race Start – No need to press the brake to start vehicle
    • Fueling is corrected for the various stages so no fuel controllers are needed
    • Wheel Dyno Tested - Engine Dyno Tested
    • High Elevation Tested - Glamis / Dumont Extreme Heat Tested
    • More Boost!
    • Industry exclusive 2-Step Launch Control available!

Big Injector Stage Tune Details: 

Stage 4 X100 and Stage 5 E85

    • Make 245 Crank HP!
    • These tunes are extremely potent and refined and do not need any additional hardware except for our EVP Big Injectors and Adapter HarnessesClutching highly recommended

Stage 5 X85

    • This tune is on an entirely different level - Making nearly 27 lbs of boost at sea level and 255 crank horsepower! That's about the same power level as our 2017-2019 Stage 6 Big Turbo kit!
    • Requires our direct replacement Fuel Pump Upgrade Kit and Plug-n-Play Wiring Harness Relay. The OEM fuel pump is a very low capacity, low pressure 155 liter per hour pump which is not capable of supplying enough fuel for the X85 upgrade at 27 lbs of boost. Our pump is a 265 liter per hour, high pressure pump that is used in our Big Turbo Systems.

    Note: Due to the limitations of the factory 2020RR turbocharger, all rated boost pressures are at sea level and modest air temperatures.

    Maptuner Features:

      • Maptuner X is a consumer hand held ECU flashing device similar to many diesel programmers on the market except with more capability. 
      • With it, you can easily flash your vehicle via the app driven, touch screen interface and included cabling. 
      • The cable plugs into the OEM diagnostic port.
      • Maptuner X, you can install the same proven EVP programs.
      • Maptuner X has live datalogging capability, DTC Reading/Reset and many other features. 
      • With a Plug n Play AFR module, you can monitor and log air fuel ratios in real time!
      • It is also compatible with most Polaris, BRP and Yamaha vehicles meaning you only need one device to tune many vehicles!
      • Additional vehicle tunes must be purchased. 
      • You can return your vehicle back to stock at any time!


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